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Viprinet makes it happen: Bonding instead of Load Balancing

Vibrinet Web

Insufficient bandwidth? High risk of failure? Lack of network coverage?

China and the USA mutually allege each other to bring router technology on the market that is equipped with backdoors for the purpose of economic espionage. Due to the NSA scandal, it is unquestionable that, even with network providers, confidential data is no longer secure. Companies as well as commoners find their confidence shaken; the State is unable to cope with this problem. Who can you trust now?

Viprinet is a router manufacturer developing and producing in Germany. The bug-proof end-to-end encryption of Viprinet routers is entirely in your hand, and only you have the key. Viprinet products are free of any backdoors, there is no cooperation with any intelligence agencies.

To connect your company sites securely with each other, Viprinet routers use several reasonably priced consumer media like ADSL, UMTS/3G, or LTE/4G bonded together. Here, the data is encrypted and divided up onto the different links. Owing to this risk distribution onto several access networks, your site-to-site connection becomes more powerful and highly reliable, at low operational costs – even in the most remote areas or in mobile usage scenarios.

The same technique is used to enable professional HD video conferencing in areas with insufficient SDSL, ADSL or VDSL supply. By bonding UMTS and LTE access or pooling UMTS/LTE access with available, but insufficient DSL accesss, and by synchronous transfer with Viprinet technology, an HD-capable video conferencing bandwidth and quality can be achieved.