Everyone Has A Front-Row Seat: Cisco Cameras With Intelligent Facial Recognition

As anyone who ever has endured a video call via webcam will tell you, a video session is only as good as the camera technology behind it. Cisco now announced two new offerings in this category: the high-resolution cameras TelePresence Precision 60 and TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60.

Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60

The Precision 60 offers the industry's best image quality (1080p60), is highly adaptable to varying light conditions, and has a large zoom range, ensuring that the entire view is captured.

The SpeakerTrack 60 gives everyone the best seat at the table: based on the Precision 60, it is a unique dual camera system that intelligently finds the active speaker in larger meeting rooms and quickly zooms in to show his or her image. Intelligent facial recognition and voice triangulation technology lets the camera follow the speaker from table to white board and then seamlessly move to the next speaker when he or she begins to talk. The result is a more natural conversation – smoother transitions, less latency, and fewer disruptions.

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