DTEN is now officially a certified Microsoft Teams OEM partner!

DTEN D7X Android DTEN D7X Android simplifies collaboration and brings user-centric video conferencing technology to native Microsoft Teams spaces.

After being certified by Zoom, the independent manufacturer realized how much customers enjoyed the integration of the D7X whiteboard into the Zoom ecosystem with all its features such as the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, so the manufacturer also wants to provide Microsoft Teams customers with all the benefits of the most widely used UC platform.

With certification from both vendors, users have the flexibility to access both Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms Meetings directly.

With the D7X Android whiteboard, you can look forward to an elegant and high-quality video and audio solution in small or medium-sized conference rooms. 

The cooperation between the two vendors in the video conferencing industry is very convenient: Microsoft's Teams developers are working day by day on new features to create a natural, collaborative meeting environment, and DTEN is always striving to provide its customers with the best user-centric and straightforward meeting experience. 

For instance, the AI-powered annotation and scribble options of the DTEN D7X are an ideal fit for Teams' whiteboarding capabilities. Microsoft Teams itself is always looking for innovation and new features to enhance the meeting experience of its users.

DTEN is committed to providing its customers with the best possible user-centric and simplified meeting experience, and this new certification reinforces that commitment.

Certification of the DTEN D7X 55" has already been completed, with the 75-inch and dual versions to follow shortly. Additionally, DTEN plans to certify all future devices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. For other platforms like Webex, users will still be able to participate as a guest or host via BYOD on their laptops.

We're excited to see what other devices and developments DTEN has in store for us. Are you interested in this or another device with Microsoft Teams or Zoom certification? Feel free to contact us, we have achieved the highest possible certification for both platforms and would be very happy to help you with your planning, the entire project or the procurement of the right solution!  


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