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DEKOM offers the option to consolidate existing Cisco, Lifesize and Polycom service contracts into a single date at a competitive price.

21.05.2012 -

Video conferencing networks often grow over many years. Over time, as employee numbers grow, technology progresses and video conferencing becomes increasingly widespread, successive new codecs, infrastructure and terminal equipment are purchased with corresponding service contracts.

With every downstream expansion, it becomes more difficult to keep track. When does each of your service contracts expire? When must each service contract be extended in order to continue receiving necessary support, software updates, bug fixes or feature upgrades? Which contracts entitle you to replacement equipment? Managing a number of different service contracts and service levels can be can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful. This is why it’s already standard at DEKOM AG to help you by notifying you in good time when your service contracts are about to expire.

But that’s not all: as of now, we are also offering you the option to consolidate your Cisco, LifeSize and Polycom service contracts into a single date at a competitive price, even if your contracts have different start dates and terms. This will give you a better overview, more transparency, and financial benefits due to packaged prices. You’ll save administration work, time – and stress.

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