DEKOM Ukraine To Organize Video Conference For Virgin-CEO Sir Richard Branson

During the international investment forum on September 12th in Kiev, DEKOM UKRAINE LTD, subsidiary of the German DEKOM AG and main media partner of the event, among others organized a videoconference for a prominent guest of honour: Sir Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin Group, came to Kiev as an advocate of European-Ukrainian economic relations, to talk with about 100 other high-ranking guests about the country's perspectives and developments.

Conference with Richard Branson of Virgin Group

For the highlight of the event, a public video conference with Russian Star Investor Slava Rabinovich, the British businessman, billionaire and extreme athlete completely relied on DEKOM – and has not been disappointed: "Videoconferencing is fantastic for people who haven't got the time to travel" said Branson, adding even a few personal words to DEKOM: "It was very clear and really good - well done! Don't put our airlines out of business..."