DEKOM Ukraine streams President's speech

"Ukraine's European vector: impact on business" was the slogan for the international "Ukranian Investment Day 2014" on July 03, which brought numerous high-ranking representatives from business and politics together in London.

Ukraine president Poroshenko via DEKOM conferencing
08.07.2014 -

As the main media partner of the event, DEKOM UKRAINE LTD among others realized a prominently cast video conference between London and Kiev: Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, and Valeria Gontareva, Head of the National Bank of Ukraine, attended the meeting via live-link to speak about the urgency of structural, legal and economic reforms in their country.

Denis Shapovalenko, Managing Director of DEKOM UKRAINE LTD: "The Ukraine is currently faced with a difficult situation, in which it is even more important that responsible executives are able to decide quickly and efficiently, and to communicate with our Western partners. Professional video conferencing can make a significant contribution here, since it conveys a sense of real presence." Igor Mazepa, CEO of Concorde Capital and host of the event, stressed that the participation of these and other guests was only possible thanks to the up-to-date technology.