DEKOM UKRAINE organized live videoconference during seminar of State customs service of Ukraine 26-30 November 2012

26-30 November 2012 State customs service of Ukraine held an annual seminar for its lead information technology divisions “Implementation and maintenance of communication technologies in State Customs information systems”. As a media-partner, DEKOM UKRAINE LLC took part in the seminar and organized live demonstration of videoconference technologies in high quality video and audio. For the first time the seminar was held in full two-way mode with HD and Full HD quality.

DEKOM Ukraine Denis Shapovalenko presentation
18.12.2012 -

A number of live video sessions was organized between central Customs Service’s office in Kiev and remote conference room in Yalta (Crimea). Hi-end videoconferencing systems allowed to create a two-way teleconference and round table sessions where IT representatives from different regions discussed pressing issues on telecommunication systems modernization, information security improvement and deployment of videoconferencing systems between structural divisions of the State customs service of Ukraine.

Organizational staff members made presentations and answered live questions from both Kiev and Yalta. Partner organization representatives from Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Security Lab, Datagroup and others also presented papers on relevant topics. DEKOM UKRAINE made a demonstration and presentation of “Opportunitues and requirements for Videoconferencing systems in IT”. DEKOM demonstrated ease and reliability of live multiway calls between New York, Munich and Hong Kong, and presented key benefits and challenges an organization is facing when implementing videoconferencing solutions. Selected presentations were recorded and made available on DEKOM’s Video Center for future review by State customs services’ staff.

Conference rooms were equipped with Cisco and LifeSize systems. Information was encrypted and protected during all way between the points.

Denis Shapovalenko, managing partner of DEKOM UKRAINE, expressed confidence in development of videoconferencing technologies in Ukraine:

“Videoconferencing opens new unprecedented opportunities, including for conferences and seminars. From now on it made possible to invite speakers and presenters from any place in the world, and get full video communication experience with any remote speaker, in any location. DEKOM made it possible in Europe, and will make it in Ukraine.”

DEKOM team is expressing a special gratitude to videoconferencing equipment vendors Cisco and LifeSize, and leading distribution company in Ukraine, ERC, for technical facilitation during the event.