DEKOM UKRAINE introduces new generation videowalls

DEKOM introduces onto the Ukrainian market brand-new videowalls produced by the American company Prysm. Denis Shapovalenko, DEKOM UKRAINE CEO, visited the product presentation in Germany and discovered its innovative features at first hand.

Videowalls are presently considered the best information display devices intended to work with user content on large surfaces. They demonstrate much better image quality than any projector solution at a price lower than those of interactive LCD-displays of the same size. The size of such a videowall can reach 190’’, which is comparable to the dimensions of a regular room.

Prysm videowalls are the market’s best, since they enable the user to work with information in a way more flexible than ever before. The entire wall is interactive, so the user can work with any element or image displayed; the surface is capable of reacting to 10 simultaneous touches, which means that 2-3 users can work with the wall at once. Moreover, the product comes with a variety of preinstalled software applications delivering additional functionality.

The videowalls support the shared access function, which synchronizes few devices via a cloud service and enables project participants to browse material and work on it simultaneously. Prysm Company specializes exclusively in producing videowalls. Its production range includes models of various sizes and provides solutions suitable for large halls capable of seating a thousand spectators and participants as well as for small offices. Many Western companies such as BMW, the American sporting accessories producer Under Armour, and several universities in the US use Prysm’s workplaces.

‘I could literally touch information on the Prysm videowall. An interactive touch sensitive surface reacts to every gesture, enabling you to work on the content in any way you like. DEKOM AG CEO Jörg Weisflog touched the wall by ten fingers, and the device reacted to every action, which means that 2-3 people can work with the videowall at the same time! I'm sure that the Prysm videowalls will soon become an essential tool in large-scale business. This is the best information display and processing equipment I've ever seen.'

Denis Shapovalenko, DEKOM UKRAINE CEO