DEKOM Ukraine certified by Crestron

We can now implement world's best systems for control and automation of premises. Engineers from the Ukrainian DEKOM office were trained and successfully certified by Crestron – the world's leading manufacturer of systems for control and automation of premises.

Our certificate allows us not to only implement Crestron systems, but to program them. Crestron programming is the most important stage of integration of such solutions. Their main advantage is flexibility and generality, so that configurationin each particular case requires certified programmers.

Smart house technologies open new opportunities for telepresence and other media technologies. We have already started several large projects in this sphere with our partners.

Who is Crestron?

Crestron equipment makes your premise "smart." It joins all technical devices in the home or office into a single system. Light, screens, doors, televisions, computers, videoconferencing system – due to Crestron you do not need a lot of consoles and controllers to manage this all. Interaction with "smart" premise can be centralized with the single remote control or even your smartphone.

Crestron offers powerful systems with great potential. However, they are quite difficult to implement. In each case, the system must be adapted to the specific conditions and issues. To fulfill this, you need experience in programming and specific knowledge about the Crestron system. That is why manufacturer entrusts installation of the equipment only to certified professionals.

DEKOM Ukraine passed the certification successfully, so that we can now integrate Crestron in your premise.