DEKOM supports social projects

Social responsibility and engagement are important ingredients norms of the DEKOM mentality. That's the reason why DEKOM is supporting social projects in 2015 again.

Social Projects

The following projects are supported by DEKOM in 2015:

- Foundation "Children's Hospice Sternenbrücke

The children's hospice is an institution for children and young humans till an age of 27 years young people. In this institution, are those patients The institute hold those patients with incurable or degenerative diseases, where any therapy can't help, and whose life expectanciy is extremely limited, can get treated. It enables a common way, from the appearance of the disease till the dying process. The Sternenbrücke takes care of the patients and families and made a last common way possible . Those families who can’t care for the patient by themselves, are relieved through the offer from the Sternenbrücke.

- Project for sociomedical aftercare for children

This project is supervised by the centre for family support. The society, founded in 2007 in the university clinic Eppendorf,to assist pediatric patients and their families.Sociomedical aftercare means means support for incurable children and their families on the way to their home. Furthermore, the society gives a clear  structure for the aftercare to the families. Regarding to this is the protection for the family integrity  required. Furthermore, the society supports the families at home and gives a clearly structure, how they can deal with their incurable child.

- Federal association for congenital deformity

The society The organisationwas founded in 2007out of three self-help groups and is primarily fighting for the enlightenment of the information network and exchange of experience in the publicity in the area of congenital deformity. Those who are affected should be identified as soon as possible, treated and transmitted to the most suitable doctors.

- Booster club child-and youth hospice society

The aim is to make the hospice a second home for the affected children, in which they can spend time for short stays in a family environment. Children who suffer from a incurable disease and have an extremely
limited life expectation can enjoy the last moments with their families at this place. Through specially designed rooms, the parents have the possibility to take farewell of their children. In Hamburg alone there are more than 70 social projects which are waiting for support in form of commodity contributions or  donations.

DEKOM is excited to support some of those social projects and to contribute to society.