DEKOM Subsidiary To Achieve Complete LifeSize Partner Status by Qualifying As LifeSize Certified Technical Expert

Hamburg, Germany / Kiev, Ukraine – January 25, 2013. DEKOM Ukraine LLC, subsidiary of the German DEKOM AG, has recently qualified as a "LifeSize Certified Technical Expert" for video communications solutions - and thus as the first and only fully certified LifeSize partner of Ukraine.

Lifesize Certified Technical Expert badge
25.01.2013 -

As a Certified Sales Professional (LCSP), Certified Sales Expert (LCSE), Certified Technical Professional (LCTP) and Certified Technical Expert (LCTE), the Kiev based DEKOM branch has reached all top-level certifications of the LifeSize accreditation program, and thus a unique position at the top of the Ukrainian market - only 3 months after its opening.

Denis Shapovalenko, Managing Partner, DEKOM Ukraine LLC: "We appreciate the professional recognition and the trust placed in us by LifeSize as their partner for Ukraine and the entire CIS region." The certification again demonstrates DEKOM's deep experience and expertise in the videoconferencing market - another milestone in the company's 15-year success story.