DEKOM - LG Business Solutions Event. Barcelona | Madrid 2024. Reinventing Workspaces

DEKOM and LG Business Solutions organize an exclusive event to discover how to transform your office with innovative technological solutions.

Video event DEKOM and LG Business Solutions

At an event organized by DEKOM and LG Business Solutions, our clients enjoyed two unforgettable days on May 15th in Barcelona and May 21st in Madrid. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of technological innovation, visiting various interactive stations where they could see practical applications and experience real demonstrations of new workspaces.

Among the main highlights of the event were the new LG 21:9 products and the Microsoft Teams Front Row functionality. These innovations promise to transform the way companies manage their work environments and internal communication.

The event also featured the participation of our valuable partners: Poly, Neat, Yealink, and Logitech. Each of them presented the latest innovations designed to optimize corporate spaces and meeting rooms. Thanks to these demonstrations, attendees experienced firsthand how cutting-edge technologies can significantly transform their work environments, improving efficiency and collaboration.

This event was not only a platform to showcase products but also underscored our commitment to continuous innovation. Here, our clients were the true protagonists, interacting with experts and exploring solutions that can take their businesses to the next level.

We continue to innovate together and work tirelessly to offer the best technological solutions on the market. Stay tuned for our upcoming events, where we will continue to present advancements that make a difference in the business world.