DEKOM partners AgroTalks Day and streams the event online

DEKOM Ukraine organized online streaming and recorded the event for remote participants.

AgroTalks logo

Another AgroTalks Day conference gave its guests an opportunity to discuss how innovations change the market and share their cases and approaches with each other. Speakers explained various aspects of doing business in Ukraine, revealing some of the applied solutions, presenting successful cases of building an efficient business model, introducing bots, specific software and other technologies in the agricultural sector.

The event was also attended by a large number of entrepreneurs, startup founders, agricultural businessmen, investors, developers, and anyone who is involved in the market and sees various opportunities to introduce high technology for its growth. All these people are united by a desire to make the agricultural business prosper and improve the overall quality of life in Ukraine.

DEKOM Ukraine organized an online streaming and recorded the event for remote participants. The event was also partnered by ED&F MAN Holdings, Syngenta, AeroDrone, Drone.UA, Startup Crash Test, AGRO-CUBE, LEXNET-IO and other companies.