DEKOM organizes videoconference for Abbott in Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine. DEKOM UKRAINE, a specialised videocoference communication provider, acted as the prime technical provider for Starfish company in organising a conference for Abbott international pharmaceutical company.

20.05.2013 -

On the videoconference, the doctor of medicine, professor N. Hubergritz spoke with a report on pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosing and treatment of chronic obstructive pancreatitis. She also answered the questions from five Ukrainian cities.

A round table in the videocoferencing format took place in the Internet. Special videoconferencing systems were set up in coference halls in 5 cities of Ukraine, Donetsk, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv. The videoconference enabled doctors and medical specialists from various regions of Ukraine to hear the report and put questions to the professor in real time. The conference was broadcasted through a closed channel for one-way view by Abbott company staff. The broadcast was recorded for further usage.

‘Using specialised professional equipment’, noticed DEKOM UKRAINE development director Denis Shapovalenko, ‘enables us to organise videoconferences dynamically and as soon as possible even in remote, difficult of access areas. It was only yesterday when for such reasons you would have needed the service of professional television studios. But today, owing to professional videoconferencing, you can broadcast directly to any point of the country without significant efforts or expenses, leave alone business travel expenses for hundreds of experts, who can now easily exchange their experience with international colleagues without leaving their cities or even offices. This is easily accessible to everyone’.

Such progress has become reality because of intensive development in media and videocommunication domains. The largest technological companies such as Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize and Avaya are investing considerable funds in the development of videoconferencing technologies. Especially important it is in the medical domain, where experience and knowledge exchange as well as timely opportune addressing to a remote expert and precise information transfer sometimes are of vital significance.

The further, the more often one comes accross the term ‘telemedicine’. Medical and pharmaceutical companies use videoconferencing services for remote diagnostics and therapy. Videoconferencing enables us to gather work groups of experts from various countries with the shortest possible delay, make decisions quickly and effectively, and even perform telesurgeries. All this is available today.

DEKOM UKRAINE is a complex videoconference service provider. Starfish company and Abbott company have cooperated with DEKOM UKRAINE in terms of setting up videoconferences a number of times. DEKOM UKRAINE acted as the prime technical partner for Abbott company 6 March in 6 cities of Ukraine, and 26 April in 9 cities of Ukraine for Starfish company. 25 April DEKOM UKRAINE also organised an open lecture featuring the vice-prime minister of Ukraine K. Gryshchenko in 9 cities of Ukraine.