DEKOM organises lecture with vice-prime minister of Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine. On 25 April the vice-prime minister of Ukraine Konstantyn Gryshchenko visited specialised school 155, where he gave an interactive open lecture ‘Higher education is a conscious choice’. DEKOM UKRAINE, a specialised videoconference provider, acting as the organising and technical partner of the event, supported it with professional videoconferencing equipment.


25.04.2013 -

The open lecture took place online, in the Internet. Special webcams were set up in schools, lecture halls and gymnasia in 9 cities of Ukraine, Kiev (school 155), Dnipropetrivsk (Information technologies school), Donetsk (Erudite boarding school), Zaporizhia (gymnasium 31), Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, Odessa (Ovidiopil educational complex), Simferopil (school 31), Kharkiv oblast specialised boarding school ‘Odarennost’, Chernivtsi (gymnasium 7).

‘It’s difficult to convey all the range of emotions I’m feeling now, being at my dear school. Here I received priceless knowledge, skills and experience which still help me. It’s a great pleasure to be able to talk to schoolchildren from around Ukraine. And what I want to talk about is a conscious choice of higher education and further ways of life’, said K. Gryshchenko in the beginning of the lecture.

Conversing with the schoolchildren, the vice-prime minister shared his experience of studying in Kiev specialised school 155. ‘In our time in higher classes I dreamt of becoming a diplomat, so in the graduation class I deliberately insisted on profound learning English and history, the subjects of paramount importance for joining the university. I’ve been relying on the proficiency in these subjects all the years I’ve spent working in foreign-policy. What’s become an important factor in my career is diligent efforts I’ve been making to plan my life in perspective’, emphasised K. Gryshchenko.

The vice-prime minister gave advice to learners in choosing a higher education. ‘My advice to you is that you should strictly define your disciplines of priority. Only regarding the subjects you’re interested in and those that come easily to you, you should choose the specialisation of your future education. I’d like to stress that speaking English nowadays is a necessity for all those who wants to become a doctor, programmer or engineer’, said K. Gryshchenko.

During the open lecture the vice-prime minister answered the questions of learners from 9 cities of Ukraine.

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