DEKOM organises direct broadcast at Social Good Summit

Kiev, Ukraine. An interactive conference on the topic of how new technologies and social media can help solve problems of humanity and society took place in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev 24 September 2013.


This event is part of The Social Good Summit global forum, which was held that day in New York and other places of the world. The organisers of the global forum are the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UN foundation, an influential media portal Mashable, Ericsson company, and Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

A video exchange among similar events in New York, Kiev, Beijing, Nairobi and Berlin took place as part of the forum. DEKOM UKRAINE acted as a media partner and broadcasted the event on the air during 4 hours. Owing to the potential of professional videoconference equipment remote spectators could plunge in the atmosphere of the forum. Opening the seminar, director of the UNDP mission in Ukraine Ricarda Rieger claimed that new technologies are not an end in itself for the United Nations, but a means to improve the lot of people.

The UNDP mission, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev and its institute of journalism acted as the organisers of the event in Ukraine. The interactive seminar united various scientific circles, some leading speakers in the development field, society and government representatives, entrepreneurs, students and journalists discussed the experience of implementing innovative technologies and social media, presented some new development ideas for improvement of people’s life. Microsoft corporation representatives, DTEK, officials and social organisations spokespeople, professors and students also participated in the event.

During the conference 16 people gave their speeches. DEKOM CEO in Ukraine Denis Shapovalenko presented a report on videocoferencing as an innovative communication medium. He emphasised that videoconferencing can and should be of great use not only in such classic fields as education or telemedicine, but also in ecology, innovative technologies development, social institutions and other domains.

‘It gives me great pleasure to hear and see from DEKOM company today. It is one of the leading companies in videoconferencing. Nowadays, videoconferencing is the basis, the foundation for us, for our school. It is using videoconferencing we can work with Bonn, Vienna, Malta’.

Georgy Kostylev, the school head of specialised school 155 in Kiev.

‘I hope that owing to DEKOM we’ll advance further in terms of innovative communication media’.

Anrdiy Kulikov, the host of ‘Svoboda Slova’ show on ICTV channel.

In June 2013 a direct broadcast streaming of a TEDx conference in Ukraine dedicated to the technology of the future as well as an open lecture in the videoconference format featuring the vice-premier minister of Ukraine Konstantyn Gryshchenko were organised by DEKOM.