DEKOM offers lecterns, display mounts and screens of HKS

DEKOM adds barrier-free system technology from manufacturer HKS Systemtechnik GmbH to their portfolio

HKS tables and stands
HKS - geprueft auf Schadstoffe

The manufacturer HKS Systemtechnik GmbH one of the leading supplier of system technology, developed for decades lecterns, display mounts and screens, among other things for conference and seminar rooms.

The DEKOM Partner has set itself the objective to make technology accessible for everyone. In order to reach this goal, HKS has purposefully developed lecterns, which offer motorized adjustable height and form a combination of work desk, and lectern.

Moreover HKS Systemtechnik GmbH has brought adjustable display holders to the market to expand its portfolio of accessible technology and to be able to offer their customers the latest standards.

These brackets enable people with disabilities to adjust the working height of heavy and large monitors by pushing a button with a finger.

The technology-lecterns are equipped with different features:
- Integrated Media Control
- Motorized height continuously adjustable
- Cut-outs for the media panel, monitors, Cable Cubby and microphones
- Different display cut sizes according to customer requirements
- Page excerpts as a storage area and pull forward for keyboard
- Large selection of materials and décor
- Available with castors or adjustable feet

Features of the barrier-free display brackets:
- Simple motorized height adjustment by 1-button operation
- Individually adjustable to each operator in height
- Stroke of the monitor is only about 60 cm
- Very quiet running thanks to two integrated lifting columns
- Particularly high stability

Canvas screens of HKS are available now as environmentally certified and with fire protection class B1.
After years of development time, manufacturer HKS managed to combine formerly incompatible
parameters such as fire protection class B1 and ecologically compliance. The successful model of image panels HKS-POLAR PU is now offered as standard with these two properties.