DEKOM is proud to be a Huddly Platinum Partner

We've achieved exclusive partner status as a Huddly Platinum Partner. As a certified partner, we can offer our customers the latest solution from Huddly - Huddly Crew. This innovative solution combines a multi-camera system with advanced AI Director technology to provide an enhanced video conferencing experience.

Huddly is a leader in developing products that leverage hardware, software and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of video conferencing. Huddly cameras are equipped with a state-of-the-art processing technology called the Neural Engine, which enables them to analyze and respond to the environment in real time.
As a long-time partner of Huddly, we are extremely excited to achieve Platinum Partner status, which entitles us to offer the Huddly Crew. This innovative solution enables participants to perceive more details in video conferences, such as gestures, facial expressions and reactions. This contributes to a more interactive and exciting video conferencing experience.
We are looking forward to assist our customers with this innovative solution and providing them with even better video conferencing experiences. As a Huddly Platinum Partner, we are here to support you with our expertise and knowledge.

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