DEKOM is „Best Avocor EMEA Reseller 2020“

About a year ago, Avocor announced that DEKOM joined the partner programme as a Gold Partner - now we have been awarded with the " Best Avocor EMEA Reseller 2020"! 

Best Avocor Reseller 2020

Avocor is a fast-growing company specializing in collaboration displays. Avocor's goal is to develop interactive solutions that make teamwork and communication more efficient and promote engagement.

After establishing itself in the U.S. market, our partner followed the plan to invest more in the European region.

DEKOM has been relying on Avocor's collaboration and high-quality, interactive solutions for a while now, and has carried all of Avocor's current solutions since the official partnership.

Avocor joined especially experienced European resellers and distributors in the AV industry to promote the enforcement of their goal in Europe. For this reason, DEKOM is of course very pleased to receive this honor and recognition from Avocor.