DEKOM implements video communication at NTUU KPI

Institute for Applied System Analysis NTUU KPI opened the ITSEA training and production center which allows students to participate in real IT-outsourcing projects.

The center connects universities of different countries and business representatives using video communication. Within this network, students from different cities and countries are able to share experience, gain virtual access to lectures of leading professors and work on real IT-projects.

The main idea of this project is to raise preparation level of future IT-specialists and to give them an opportunity to practise on real projects. This project is also aimed to make education more business-oriented, as well as improve professional skills of academics.

The ITSEA center is based on the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IASA) in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in the context of European project TEMPUS IHSITOP. Apart from Ukraine, Austria, Hungary and Germany also participate in this project. Video communication joins universities from various countries in a single network, which allows students, teachers and business community to interact via videoconference. In such a way universities can organize webinars and roundtables, connect remote speakers to lectures and virtually invite IT-experts.

The final goal of the program is to involve future IT-specialists in the process of creating projects for regional business. Due to video meetings, such teamwork is becoming real. Now businessmen can communicate with developers without wasting time on travelling. Moreover, technology companies are accustomed to using video communication for negotiations. Such way of running business is one of the most comfortable for them.

DEKOM Ukraine is the main technical partner in the ITSEA project. Experts from DEKOM developed and implemented videoconferencing solutions for KPI.

"It is important that students experience the culture of professional video communication already in their alma mater. Today IT-industry is global. It is impossible to imagine it without videoconferencing. Programmers in such companies as Ciklum, Luxoft, Epam use video communications to interact with customers and other members of development team. Now students from KPI can take up this opportunity"
Denis Shapovalenko, CEO of DEKOM Ukraine.

For DEKOM Ukraine this project is not the first experience in the field of science and education. Our company has already implemented videoconferencing for the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Cancer. In addition, DEKOM regularly arranges educational videoconferences.

Education is one of the key applications of videoconferencing, and DEKOM fully supports any initiative that arise at the intersection of video communication and education.