DEKOM holds online broadcast at TEDxKyiv 2014

On the 1st of November DEKOM Ukraine organized a live webcast for the conference TEDxKyiv that took place in the Ukrainian House. For 8 hours more than 3,000 online viewers have watched our broadcast.

DEKOM UKRAINEperformed as a streaming partner for conference TEDxKyivfor the second year in a row, so that this is slowly becoming a tradition. This year we ran the broadcast from the hall, where were lecturers, and also from the lounge area. This allowed toshowonline not only the official part, but also informal activities and leisure of guests, who are an integral part ofTEDx culture.

Over the past yearthe popularity of the online broadcast started to increase.

For example, in 2014almost 4 times more people than in 2013 watchedTEDxKyivvirtually: the event gathered about 3,000 online viewers.

All of them were able to be full participants of the event and enjoy TEDx atmosphere due to high-quality video communication from DEKOM. The streaming was also rebroadcasted by the channel Espreso TV, and this significantly expanded remoted audience of the conference.

The main topic of TEDx is «beyond the horizon". As usual, the conferencewas related to the innovations and technologies of the future. Listeners were looking for a way out of the crisis in Ukrainian politics, economics and society together with speakers (academics, public and cultural figures). United around TEDxKyiv opinion leaders communicated within three main sessions – "Macrochoise", "The horizon becomes clear" and "Countdown."

The conference participants concluded that only we ourselves are capable of leading Ukraine out of crisis.And we should do it together, combining our efforts