DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) supports Jacobs University Bremen

After extensive planning and construction work, Jacobs University Bremen inaugurated their state-of-the-art e-learning conference system at the end of November.

Dr. Froese of Jacobs University
Jacobs University DEKOM reference
19.01.2011 -

The multimedia system, which was specially designed for distance learning, was installed on campus at the initiative of Jacobs professor and maritime logistics expert Jens Froese and with the support of Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen (WFB).

Video and conferencing technology specialists ViDOFON AG, who have previously carried out similar e-learning projects for German and international customers, were responsible for implementing the system.

For the equipment components, Jacobs University opted exclusively for high definition video conferencing systems from LifeSize, which offer an excellent price/performance ratio in this field. From now on, the Room 220 video conferencing system and LifeSize Video Center will provide a learning environment that meets the international demands of a modern education. The LifeSize Video Center streaming and recording server also ensures that no more lectures are missed. The Video Center’s simple recording function allows a video conference to be streamed live over the Internet or saved for future online access. This is the first of its type in Germany.

“In a globally connected world where video conferencing is no longer reserved for large corporations, the expansion of modern communications technology is a particularly high priority in the education sector. This guarantees lecturers and students access to international and above all up-to-date knowledge,” says Andreas Wienold, LifeSize EMEA VP of Sales.

“The use of video conferencing in the education sector is becoming increasingly popular; soon we will be able to talk about a standard in European lecture halls,” explains Arwed Plate, VP Sales at ViDOFON, offering a brief insight into the current development of video conferencing in education.

“Systems like this allow you to completely forget that the students or other participants in the conference are a few hundred, or sometimes even a few thousand kilometres away,” enthuses Professor Jens Froese, who has already worked with similar systems. “The brilliant sound system and a high definition dual channel video system with an almost life-size projector screen, along with many other technical details, ensured that the speakers’ presence was incredibly true to life,” continues Froese. “And last but not least, a system like this can also be regarded as an active environmental protection measure, as it often makes long journeys unnecessary for experts.”

As of 2011, the new e-learning centre will provide live and global access to Jacobs University’s teaching and research, particularly in logistics. Students and scientists in other departments will also be able to organise interactive lectures or specialist discussions with partners around the world. When capacity allows, the e-learning system may also be made available to other universities and businesses in Bremen.


ViDOFON AG is a leading international supplier of video, audio and data conferencing solutions. From multinational corporations, government institutions and medium-sized companies to small business and home offices, ViDOFON has implemented several thousand video conferencing systems in around 47 countries in recent years. ViDOFON offers user-friendly, individual solutions for video conference participation, with the greatest possible security of investment.

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Arwed Plate, ViDOFON AG

Prof. Dr. Jens Froese in a live conference