DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) supports continuing medical education at the Charité Berlin

The 11th NOGGO-POST-ASCO took place at the Charité Virchow-Klinikum centre in Berlin on 23 June 2010.

20.10.2010 -

Hamburg/Berlin (sha). The 11th NOGGO-POST-ASCO took place at the Charité Virchow-Klinikum centre in Berlin on 23 June 2010. Each year, the latest practical and highly topical issues emerging from the world’s largest cancer conference held by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO, 4-8 June 2010) are discussed at the NOGGO-POST-ASCO. 

The conference was broadcast live to 15 German cities, as well as to Austria (Innsbruck) and Switzerland (Zurich and Bern). To allow interactive communication between all of the conference participants, all the locations were connected by video conference, rather than receiving an ordinary satellite transmission. This enabled 1,100 guests to participate interactively in the conference without the need to set foot in a car, train or plane. 

After approximately four months of preparation by Mediavent and ViDOFON, eight internationally renowned speakers were able to present a total of 230 charts during the broadcast, filling three hours of transmission time. Around 60 to 70 people viewed the broadcast at each receiving location. The interactive panels, where 24 questions from all locations could be discussed with the speakers at the Charité, were enthusiastically received by the audience. 

To avoid the cost of multilateral television broadcasts, professional television equipment (including a studio) was used for the recording before input into the high definition video conferencing system in Berlin. The quality offered by high definition video conferencing is now equal to that of a satellite broadcast. The high definition video conferencing system from LifeSize (LifeSize Room 200) was connected to an HD MCU (multipoint control unit) at ViDOFON in Hamburg. The other locations were also connected with LifeSize video conferencing systems (LifeSize Express 200) via this MCU, and transmitted and received images to and from Berlin at a transfer rate of HD 720p. All external speakers were able to use web client video conferencing to connect to the conference and broadcast their presentations to Berlin and the other locations. The conference was also transmitted online via a streaming server, and recorded for guests who were unable to participate. 

Shortly beforehand, high availability symmetrical 2 MBit Internet lines were laid and video conferencing systems delivered and installed at the 17 locations. A team of 14 transmission and video conferencing technology specialists created the broadcast onsite in Berlin. A total of 17 technicians managed the event at the various receiving locations. 

“This interactive transmission technology is new both in the field of continuing medical education and in the media broadcast and video conferencing sectors, which are being used in combination for the first time,” says Arwed Plate, VP Sales at ViDOFON AG, emphasising the successful consolidation of the benefits offered by both technologies. 

“A bilateral satellite transmission transmission allowing mutual interactivity would also have been possible with the technology currently available, but the use of video conferencing considerably reduced the costs for this event,” explains Bernd Scheunemann, CEO and founder of Mediavent GmbH. 

Mediavent, the technical coordinator for the conference, uses ViDOFON AG’s managed service. This means that neither Mediavent nor GlaxoSmithKline have personnel or capital tied up in the use of video conferencing technology and infrastructure. All of the systems are hired and are administrated by ViDOFON. 

“Working with ViDOFON AG as a video conferencing specialist allows us to concentrate on our core competencies, so that we can ensure the event runs smoothly,” continues Bernd Scheunemann. 

The main organiser of the conference is NOGGO, the Nord-Ostdeutsche Gesellschaft für Gynäkologische Onkologie (North-East German Society for Gynaecological Oncology), with support from GlaxoSmithKline and EuMeCom, one of the world’s leading research-oriented healthcare companies. Technical implementation is managed by Mediavent GmbH, a professional service provider for Internet and TV-based communications solutions in the healthcare sector, and ViDOFON AG, a specialist in video conferencing solutions. 

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