DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) relocation

Following their successful merger on 1 January 2010, ViDOFON and DEKOM will be based at the following new shared address from 1 May 201

20.07.2010 -

Following their successful merger on 1 January 2010, ViDOFON and DEKOM will be based at the following new shared address from 1 May 2010

Kellerbleek 3
22529 Hamburg 

DEKOM Systemhaus für Medientechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Kellerbleek 3
22529 Hamburg 

It has long been known that video conferencing can make a considerable contribution to environmental protection. Every business trip saved by video conferencing reduces the CO2 emissions caused by a flight. 

ViDOFON believes that environmental protection and more sustainable use of resources are of great importance. For this reason, ecological construction was a deliberate consideration when choosing new premises. 

The Kellerbleek building was designed in the early 1990s by architect Dipl.-Ing. Jan Cousin, who followed natural building principles. 

Approx. 50% lower energy requirement 

  • The building has no air conditioning, but green roofing, heat-retaining building materials and a cleverly designed ventilation system. Thermal effects cause air to circulate through the building. 
  • Heating is provided by radiators instead of convection heaters; the calorific gas heating system on the top floor features minimal exhaust emissions and low waste heat.
  • The external walls have two shells, and the cavity between them is packed with insulation made of waste paper.

Reduced drinking water consumption

  • Rainwater is collected from all of the roofs, stored in cool, dark concrete containers underground, and fed by small pumps into a toilet flushing system kept separate from the drinking water system. This saves at least 400,000 litres of drinking water per year. 

Healthy working environment 

  • As much natural lighting as possible is provided by many windows (with heat insulating glass) and glass roofs.
  • Rooms have been laid out around the bright, spacious staircase to avoid long, empty office corridors.
  • Mineral paint and natural wood lacquers have been used.
  • Flooring is made of wood, carpets are made of coconut and wool fibres.

Technical facilities were also taken into consideration with all of these ecological factors. Three new conference rooms, which are available for hire, are equipped with the latest media technology. This means that as well as our obligatory video conferencing systems, you’ll also find cleverly design lighting and audio technology and professional media controls which ensure a perfect telepresence experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises from 1 May 2010, and to continued successful collaboration!