DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) and Integrated Technology Exposure form partnership

Hamburg/Jeddah, 23 December 2009. The Hamburg-based DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG) has established a partnership with Saudi Arabian company Integrated Technology Exposure.

18.01.2010 -

Hamburg/Jeddah, 23 December 2009. The Hamburg-based DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG) has established a partnership with Saudi Arabian company Integrated Technology Exposure. 

DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) has been successfully expanding into the Middle East market for a year, and is adding the expertise of local IT and media specialist Integrated Technology Exposure to the services they offer in this region. The aim of the partnership is to distribute, sell and service high definition video conferencing solutions in the Saudi Arabian market, as well as providing consultation and managed services. 

As a domestic IT and media specialist, Integrated Technology Exposure offers a wide range of current solutions as well as high quality and cost-effective ideas for customers from many different sectors. This portfolio makes IT Exposure a perfect partner for DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG) to drive the spread of visual communication in the Saudi Arabian market. 

DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) and Integrated Technology Exposure offer a full managed service, including an MCU service (multipoint conferences), gateway service and firewall traversal service. “Our shared service concept means that, as of now, customers in the Middle Eastern market will receive a faster and more targeted service, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of visual communication,” says Jörg Weisflog, chairman of DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG), referring to travel cost savings, faster and more streamlined decision-making, conservation of resources and an improved work/life balance. 

About DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON): 

DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG) is a leading international supplier of video, audio and data conferencing solutions. From multinational corporations, government institutions and medium-sized companies to small business and home offices, DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) has implemented several thousand video conferencing systems in 47 countries in recent years. 

DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) offers user-friendly, individual solutions for video conference participation, with the greatest possible security of investment. 
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About Integrated Technology Exposure: 

Integrated Technology Exposure is a subsidiary of the Exposure Holding Group, which operates primarily in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Dubai. IT Exposure’s many years of experience in the IT sector means that their customers can expect top quality service. As a premium IT service company, their main focus is creating value for their customers. The technology and service provided by IT Exposure experts help customers make business innovations many times more quickly.