DEKOM Conferencing & Seaport Day 2016

DEKOM brings the international videoconferencing and media technology industry to town.


Renowned companies such as Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, lifesize and many more will meet at the ninth DEKOM Conferencing & Seaport Day on 03 June 2016 in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to present their portfolios, discuss the latest developments – and answer questions from the audience. 

The Conferencing Seaport & Day, annually hosted by DEKOM AG at different venues in Hamburg since 2008, is one of Germany's most important branch meetings in the field of audiovisual communications. No other event offers guests and exhibitors, technicians and decision makers such a comprehensive and profound overview of the industry's manufacturers, products and trends within just one day. Also in 2016, numerous presentations and discussions with representatives of all relevant manufacturers and service providers will take place at the respective booths – and the spectrum is broader than ever:  along with guest speakers like Joachim Rumohr ("Networking im B2B-Bereich") and Jochen Günther ("Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft"), 16 exhibitors, for the first time including audio experts, with the most comprehensive solution portfolio to date, have already confirmed their participation. 

The ninth DEKOM Conferencing Seaport Day will take place on 03 June 2016 in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce's historic "Exchange Hall", one of the finest classical secular buildings in northern Germany right in the heart of Hamburg, and thus for the first time in a public facility.

As the number of participants is limited for reasons of space, please understand that possibly not all applications can be considered.