DEKOM Collaboration Day 2019

The DEKOM Collaboration Day took place on 23 October 2019 under the concept "Experience the state of technology up close". It was the first hands-on event in Germany which dealt with the problems of cooperation.


The first DEKOM Collaboration Day was a full success all along the line. The interest was enormous, the number of visitors therefore large, the customers showed up with numerous different questions and wishes.

The market of collaboration solutions for conference rooms is so complex and confusing that we invited independent experts to answer the most important questions of our customers regarding collaboration. We gave our visitors a unique opportunity to get an overview of solutions for location-independent collaboration. We explained how they can give their teams the feeling of closeness and limitless collaboration. The featured product of the event with several live installations and demos was ThinkHub by T1V. Other topics discussed include

  • Microsoft Interoperability
  • How to equip a conference room? (with up to 12 displays)
  • Cloud Collaboration
  • Bandwidth-saving Cloud Communication

As a result, the first DEKOM Collaboration Day gave the starting signal to organize further events of this kind on the topic of "Room Based Collaboration" - because in this way our customers can continue to benefit from us as a manufacturer-independent consultant with enormous specialist knowledge and many future-oriented ideas.