DEKOM and partners offer help with the currently difficult circumstances in the area of communication and cooperation

Responding flexibly to change - DEKOM AG, as one of the leading providers of location-independent collaboration solutions, is making advance investments to support customers and interested parties in uncertain times.

The current developments in the world show us once again how vulnerable our global economy is when communication relationships cannot take place as usual, travel is restricted and offices are slowly emptying. There is a threat of gridlock and, in the worst case, entire organizations are threatened in their existence. Affected companies and businesses that want to be left by the wayside must establish alternative communication channels and virtual collaboration as quickly as possible. There is no room for bazaar mentality and long project times now.

Together with our manufacturers, DEKOM supports companies in actively cushioning risks. As of today, we are dispensing with provision fees, contract periods and bureaucratic hurdles. We are reducing the provision times of our professional video communication to a few hours and by means of monthly terminability, we take all risks of long term contracts.

Ready to go in 30 minutes and monthly terminable. The DEKOM digital Workplace on demand 2020: Contact us via chat or telephone and in a few minutes you and your employees are "back in business".

Here you can get a solution directly from one of our experts.

Best regards,

Simon Härke