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Only until 31 March 2012: up to 100% credit for old analogue devices

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13.01.2012 -

Bring your technology up to date with the CRESTRON “Analogue to Digital” trade-in scheme.

CRESTRON DigitalMedia is offering you a seamless and workable solution for the transition into the digital age. AMD and Intel have already announced that they will stop supporting VGA from 2014. Just between ourselves, even today you don’t get very far without HD.

The CRESTRON “Analogue to Digital” trade-in scheme not only makes the transition easy for you, but also financially attractive by considerably reducing the purchase price. And when you upgrade, CRESTRON DigitalMedia will use your existing cables. Only the hardware components are replaced.

What is DigitalMedia?

DigitalMedia is a unique signal transmission system from CRESTRON designed to transmit any digital and analogue video and audio signals over CAT and/or glass fibre cables. It also transmits Ethernet, control commands and USB data. With the help of DigitalMedia, copy-protected HD content can be transmitted without compression up to 1,000 m by glass fibre or over 130 m by CAT cable. Modular matrix systems allow signals to be relayed to different endpoints. DigitalMedia supports full HDCP encryption. This allows you to initialise and register players and terminals, and to switch between different HDMI sources with no waiting time.

What does the scheme include, and how can you make savings?

CRESTRON will refund you for all analogue components in projects where analogue technology was installed, and offset this against new orders. Credit will be given for products such as CNX-PVID, iMedia, QuickMedia and CEN-RGBHV switchers, but also analogue hardware components and control systems from other suppliers. Send us details of your existing analogue technology – regardless of whether it’s from CRESTRON or another supplier – to be updated to DigitalMedia.

What information do we need?


  • Project name/project location/project information
  • A block diagram or hand sketch of the analogue installation
  • A bill of materials for the built-in analogue components, with a statement of costs
  • Details of your requirements or the desired modifications for your conversion to digital technology

We will use this information to create a Crestron DigitalMedia upgrade quote for you. Depending on the size of your new order, your old analogue technology will be credited up to 100%, which means that you will have used your system virtually free of charge for several years.


But hurry – the scheme will only run until 31 March 2012! We look forward to hearing from you!