COMM-TEC Mediasite

Virtual learning at the Hamburg University of Technology

Comm-Tec Mediasite
16.04.2012 -

Everyone is talking about virtual universities – but at the Hamburg University of Technology, it’s already a reality. The Mediasite platform implemented by COMM-TEC and DEKOM allows its students to enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom. Teaching content, seminars and complete lectures – presentations with video, audio, PowerPoint, text, graphics, etc. – are recorded, published on websites or traditional data media and made accessible to the chosen target group with little effort and in next to no time. Mediasite is THE trendsetting concept for rich media distribution in education, healthcare, the corporate sector and public administration.

Here’s how rich media distribution works with Mediasite:


  • automatic recording and synchronisation of video images and slides
  • record from any device – 
  • laptop, tablet PC, whiteboard, document camera, visualiser
  • no slide uploads or post-processing
  • timer to automatically start/stop recording
  • integration into existing AV and room control systems
  • mobile and permanently installed devices


  • live streaming and on demand access via PC, Mac® and Linux®
  • create mobile content – podcasts (MP3), vodcasts (MP4), DVD/CD, USB
  • automatic publication in the Mediasite catalogue or individual CMS/LMS
  • embed presentations in any website or blog
  • no delays due to conversion or post-processing


  • high resolution videos and slides
  • user-defined navigation and individual layout
  • customer-specific header and logo
  • keyword search
  • interactive tuning and FAQs
  • subtitle support


  • customer-specific logos and customised layout
  • structure content in searchable directories
  • analyse all usage statistics and trends
  • secure user and administrator access
  • create recording timers
  • company-wide expansion
  • host the application yourself or use a hosting service

As a reference model for a virtual university, the “Mediasite@TUHH” project will be the subject of a workshop and presented in detail by representatives from the TUHH and COMM-TEC at the Conferencing & Seaport Day 2012.

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