Cisco Spark Board unites whiteboard, video conferencing and collaboration

Cisco Spark Board combines video conferencing, interactive whiteboard and group chat, turning your meetings into fully interactive collaboration sessions

Cisco Spark Board Meeting

With the release of the Spark App from Cisco, the IT company already relies very heavily on completely networked collaboration. In addition to the Spark software and Spark terminals such as the DX80, the right conference room hardware has now found its way into the market. The Spark Board combines everything that belongs to a conference room and offers flexible teamworking in conjunction with the Spark Client Any device, whether mobile phone, tablet or search or conference room. It is possible at any time to escalate a 1-to-1 chat session or a group chat session into a whiteboard session with or without a video conferencing. With Cisco's All-in-One solution, you can chat, group chat, chat with persistent documents, audiocalling, audio conferencing, videocalling, video conferencing, and whiteboard multipoint sessions - all from a single source.

"Because of the fact that meetings are based on different media and tools, many team meetings would be inefficient - with Spark and networked endpoints such as the Sparkboard, all the tools, including all documents, are available right there," said Cisco. A lot of everyday knowledge is buried in enamels and is difficult to find. The Spark App can be connected to the meeting of colleagues or business partners at any time, so the boundaries between virtual and physical meetings are dwindling. Departments, project or knowledge groups are always up-to-date, always on the same level of knowledge and can at any time share any communication channel.