Cisco releases Spark collaboration messenger

DEKOM carefully follows the communication market trends. One of the most exciting new products of the season has become a new product by Cisco, the Spark collaboration messenger.

The Cisco Spark has all the functions of a standard corporate messenger; it supports instant messaging, creating different virtual conference rooms, file and screen sharing, but the most important feature of the product is the capability of making audio- and videocalls.

While developing the Spark videocall function, Cisco corporation used its latest and best technologies, the same approaches that are used in large-scale hardware solutions. Due to this fact, the Spark provides its users not only with high video and audio quality, but also with complete data safety.

Spark messenger is absolutely free for use. Cisco's new product has all the functions necessary for comfortable group communication.

The product is perfectly suitable for the needs of large-scale business as well as those of companies employing remote workers. Despite it being completely new, the product has already been appreciated throughout the world. For example, Apple already uses Spark for their internal communication purposes.