Cisco offers video conferencing solutions for SMBs

Cisco is well known for providing enterprise-grade solutions. Access to Cisco for smaller organizations was sometimes hard to find. Still, this will change. Cisco is now, with nearly 80% market share, an order for videoconferencing and collaboration in the large company. A series of new products and solutions needs to change this.

Cisco Communications Manager BE 6000 Screen

In the recent past was the Tandberg / Cisco portfolio of solutions that were more or less as a standard for video conferencing. Consider the combination of TMS, VCS and MCU and associated endpoints. As the number of endpoints increased, the total cost of ownership (considering cost of management and multiple aspects) very clear. However, an organization that needed five video and similar infrastructure, could not count on a 'soft' approach.

This will change. Cisco has Cisco Business Edition 6000, a platform for unified collaboration, suitable for organizations telephony, presence, videoconferencing, chat and other communications to bring together into a whole. The power of Cisco Business Edition 6000 and a series of new Cisco endpoints (including SX10), is the convergence of telephony and video. For years the market makes such movements, but only allows Cisco to date where.

With Cisco Business Edition 6000 - Cisco UCS220 server based solution - Cisco makes it possible to combine WebEx, video conferencing and telephony. The possibilities are very diverse. Presence on mobile devices, chat, present, but also video conference from any location. Cisco Business Edition 6000 is also a key part of the Dekom portfolio.

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