Cisco Intelligent Proximity

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Cisco Intelligent Proximity

Cisco Intelligent Proximity uses wireless technology to connect personal mobile devices with on-premise products in the office. With Intelligent Proximity, your system knows when you are near, and may, for example, automatically transfer a progressing call from your mobile device to your desk phone. Thus, you will be enabled to complete tasks more quickly.

The first endpoint to benefit from Intelligent Proximity is the Android-based Cisco DX650 Smart Desk Phone. Customers can wirelessly sync their desk phones with their Apple and Android mobile phones without installing any additional app, can easily import contacts and call histories from their mobile phones to the DX650, and can move a call already in progress from their mobile device to the DX650 (enabling them to take advantage of the superior audio quality of their desk phone when in range) and back again (when mobility is needed).

In addition, Cisco Intelligent Proximity provides the ability to view, control and capture meeting content on your own device with an additional content sharing app. The recently published Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2 is already reimbursed with the technology.

Interested in the Intelligent Proximity functionality? See how the Cisco Intelligent Proximity works with the Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2.

Cisco Intelligent Proximity is expected to be available in March 2014. Please contact us directly - we look forward to meeting you!