Cisco and Apple develop app and voice experience for iPhone and iPad

Changes optimizes network by selecting the best wireless access point by default, prioritize Cisco WebEx and Spark traffic and use Spark seamlessly on iOS devices

Cisco | Apple

Through Cisco’s partnership with Apple, with the release of iOS 10 and the availability on the latest Cisco networking software and hardware you can now:

Optimize the network - iPhones and iPads will be able to select by default the best wireless access point for the applications in use. This capability is meant to improve the reliability of apps, particularly real-time apps such as video and voice.

Take the fast lane - The network now knows to prioritize Cisco WebEx and Spark traffic on iOS devices so that bandwidth goes to those who need it for business, rather than to those playing Pokémon Go or watching the latest funny cat videos.

Use Spark seamlessly on iPhone - Cisco Spark is now optimized for the iPhone and iPad, allowing users to tap a contact and make a VoIP call directly rather than needing to open up a third-party calling application. They can also ask Siri to use Spark to call contacts in the People app.

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