Applying was never easy like that

Applying for a job can be quite stressful these days: The perfect cover letter, a visually aligned application portfolio, then you'll never hear of them again or have to wait forever. To simplify the application process for you, we have registered with Talentefinder.



We are looking for you!

Simply create a profile and swipe to the company you truly want to work for.

By using the filters, you will only receive suggestions for professions and industries that really appeal to your interests.
Generally, we’re open to everyone who would like to work for us – regardless of whether you are a student looking for your first apprenticeship or currently studying and looking for a practical component. Within our company we have people with varying backgrounds. If you would like to apply for something other than the classic apprenticeship, then it's best to just mention this during interview, together you will certainly find a solution!


Talentefinder – What is this?

Talentefinder is a platform that brings companies and talents together, it works just like Tinder: You create an account, upload your profile picture and a bio and select parameters like start of the apprenticeship, industry and so one. Then you can directly start swiping. Now suitable companies will be suggested to you. If you give us a like, you can get in touch directly with our recruiter Tatjana Leminky. In the chat, you can now introduce yourself and arrange a time slot for the video call.

Register here: