5 tips on preventing Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue is the expression for the tiredness and lack of concentration occurring in long videoconferences. We have five tips for you to prevent yourself from this growing problem.

Zoom Fatigue is the term used to describe the fatigue and the lack of concentration, occurring in long videoconferences. A growing problem many videoconferencing participants have to cope with. Where does it come from?

The explanation is quite simple: the brain is overwhelmed. While we already think we are used to multitasking and information floods, the reality looks different. The brain is basically incapable of permanently processing floods of information.

  1. Avoid multitasking: Even if you are already on your PC, multitasking only makes you feel tired and exhausted even faster.
  2. Focus on the people: During a video conference there are a lot of impressions, keep your focus on what´s important.
  3. Time limit: Our attention is limited. Video conferences in particular shouldn’t be longer than 60 minutes, but in no case more than 90 minutes!
  4. Breaks and physical activity: Take breaks of at least 15 minutes and move around between meetings. Even small activities like taking out the trash, making coffee or turning on a new washing machine serve the purpose.
  5. Do you understand me?: Especially good sound quality is important. Disturbing noises aren´t only annoying, but also distracting.