Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics is the evaluation of sensory data that can influence the workflow. The platform helps to reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Happy employees work better

Improve your Employee Health & Wellbeing with Spaceti's Smart Stones and Wellbeing Control & Analytics. It allows you to analyze room-based data such as CO2, oxygen, and room temperature for subsequent adjustment. This increases employee satisfaction and improves the quality of your work. 


Indoor navigation improves the efficiency of your employees. This feature shows users the location of employees. Interesting hot spots such as conference rooms and coffee machines can be located. Thus you help employees and visitors to find their way around the building.


The App for People & Property optimizes communication between your employees and your facility management. Current events or problems can be communicated directly in the app. Regardless of the location, everyone knows everything.

Use your space efficiently

Workplace Analytics helps you to use your premises as efficiently as possible. With Smart Parking, you can determine if there are enough or even too many parking spaces available. With the app, your employees can see where free parking spaces are at any time and reserve them directly. 


With Occupancy Analytics & Hot Desking you can evaluate the utilization of your premises down to the individual chair. Do you have enough conference rooms? Do you have too many? How many workstations do you need for effective hot desking? Which table is used the most? All these questions are answered using real data.