DEKOM Remote Access Appliances - RAA

The ultra-fast early warning system for your enterprise AV environment


The need for meeting rooms is increasing rapidly with the changes in the world of work. More meeting rooms with more and more activities and technologies have to be managed by less and less trained employees. Classic on-site service models can now be extended and improved by the DEKOM Remote Access Appliance. The RAA shortens response times, minimizes internal and external costs and offers customers real added value. Our experts can identify errors before users notice difficulties. If a fault cannot logically be rectified remotely, the AV-NOC technician will be dispatched to inform the local responsible person. Technical expertise is increasingly giving way to organisational and procedural challenges in everyday meetings. The responsible employees in the company take on more and more tasks.

The DEKOM AV-NOC takes over a part of the tasks to relieve internal resources. Cost efficiency: Nothing is more expensive than a conference room that is not operational. Used in IT technology for years, it is now also common in AV technology to link the availability of a central voting area to SLAs that guarantee availability - this is now possible with the RAA! In contrast to competitors, the Managed AV Service is not just lip service or extended warranty, but a holistic, secure, location-independent and resilient solution - from the beginning of the construction site through the entire life cycle of the conference room.


  • Investment protection
  • Proactive troubleshooting
  • Identification & prioritization of faults
  • Trusted partner, because DEKOM was already examined as a setter by the customer
  • DEKOM Cloud, private, in Germany and Access only via Hamburg possible
  • Support "Made in Germany"
  • One-Button Support Solution
  • Network traffic can be reduced to a defined IP address
  • Access can be switched off by the customer at any time
  • Transparent architecture
  • Defined network traffic
  • No internet access
  • Instead of IT-Outsourcing Managed AV in the AV-NOC of DEKOM
  • We are at each of your locations - WORLD WIDE
  • Optimise the service life of the devices, failure of wear parts can be detected at an early stage
  • Independent, access via LTE possible in case of power failure
  • Shorter response times
  • Future security
  • Scalability
  • Remote Programming