Individual room concepts within the premium segment
Audio-Video as a Service
We offer representative and prestigious boardrooms and high-end conference rooms, manager workstations, idea rooms, virtual workshop platforms or dedicated workspaces at a monthly rate.
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DEKOM AV as a Service

Customised solutions for individual buildings and high-end conference rooms at a monthly rate.

When the last 10% make the difference. When technology should adapt to you and not the other way round.
When individuality beats the norm, or when requirements or circumstances simply demand it: The desire for individual solution architectures in conference room construction is increasingly in demand. 

Representative and impressive boardrooms and high-end conference rooms, manager workplaces, idea rooms, virtual workshop platforms or dedicated workspaces. 

Standard ends where your wishes and demands become more individual, the architecture of your building more unusual, your premises do not conform to the norm or a process needs to be mapped 100%.

No matter how big your project is, how extensive the planning, how specific your wishes and requirements are, within the framework of our AVaaS tariffs you benefit from the fact that both the planning and the individual construction of your premises, as well as all licences, the entire hardware, server capacities, network, infrastructure, as well as the interior are provided by us and charged to you on a monthly basis.

In addition to the accounting benefits, this means full planning certainty, no hidden costs, no additional burden on IT, exploitation of economies of scale from the first piece and access to expert team at no cost of non-employment. 

Good to know:

• Within the framework of the AVaaS tariffs, DEKOM is your sole contractual partner to all service providers

• DEKOM takes care of all arrangements and renegotiations with the service providers.

• As part of the DEKOM MaaS tariffs, DEKOM provides a DSGVO-compliant communication service.

• DEKOM provides trained, experienced and reliable experts of the DSVGO Act throughout the whole duration of the tariff.

• DEKOM is the owner of all equipment and services for the entire duration of the contract.

• DEKOM is your video IT department - you don't need your own video conferencing specialists in your company

• DEKOM MaaS video conferencing environments are fully compatible, highly flexible and fully scalable


DEKOM AV as a Service

For whom is this the right tariff?
For companies that have very special requirements and want more than just standard.
State-of-the-art technology in rooms with structural challenges.

Why is DEKOM the right partner for you?

DEKOM has more than 25 years of experience in the world of video communication. 
DEKOM analyses your individual needs.
DEKOM selects the most suitable technology for you.
DEKOM compares, procures, configures, installs.