Yealink MVC 500 II

Yealink MVC 500 II is a Microsoft Teams room system. It combines the Yealink Soundbar, the UFC50 USB PTZ Camera, the MTouch II Touch Panel, the MCore Mini-PC and two CPW90 Wireless Microphones to create a solution for small and medium sized conference rooms.

The UFC50 USB PTZ Camera offers 5x optical zoom, 1080p/60fps quality with a 91° wide camera angle. The camera delivers sharp HD images that capture all your participants, even in large meetings.

The CPW90 microphones have a 3 meter long, 360° wide recording radius. Thanks to DECT technology, even a communication distance of up to 50 meters can be bridged. The wireless microphone technology allows you to easily adjust the position of the microphones to the number of participants.

With the certification for Microsoft Teams all components of the MVC 800 II are optimally designed for meetings in the Microsoft Teams environment. Thus the best possible conditions for your Microsoft Teams Meeting are guaranteed.

Yealink Device Management is also supported, allowing you to manage and control all your Yealink solutions on one collected platform.

Yealink MVC 500 II