WolfVision VZ-C3D

WolfVision VZ-C3D is a professional ceiling visualiser with an integrated LED light projector and is also the world's first 3D visualiser system. Equipped with two parallel, high-precision wide-angle lenses, a dual CMOS sensor and an on-board stereoscopic mixer, it produces precise, three-dimensional images in real time and can transmit them via HDMI to any 3D-enabled projector or screen. As the VZ-C3D works with a variety of picture modes such as frame packing, top and bottom, side-by-side, etc., it is fully compatible with all HDMI 3D standard formats. The depth effect can be adjusted at any time at the push of a button and can also be turned off completely, switching the image to 2D, providing the highest degree of flexibility with regard to the objects being displayed.

This makes the Wolfvision VZ-C3D particularly suitable for use in scientific, medical, product design, engineering and telepresence applications or wherever improved depth perception is an advantage.

WolfVision VZ-C3D
WolfVision Visualizer VZ-C3D close up view
WolfVision Visualizer VZ-C3D close up view from above
WolfVision VZ-C3D mounted 1
WolfVision VZ-C3D mounted 2
WolfVision VZ-C3D mounted 3
WolfVision VZ-C3D switched on
WolfVision VZ-C3D usage scenario

Technical details: WolfVision VZ-C3D

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  • Camera: 2-CMOS
  • 2D / 3D imaging: 3D + 2D
  • Horizontal resolution (lines): 980
  • Frames per second:30
  • Effective megapixels per second: 124.4
  • Native pixels of camera sensor: 1080pHD in 3D
  • vSolution Control compatible (with external WLAN infrastructure)
  • vSolution Link compatible
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Easy positioning of objects with Synchronized Lightfield
  • Lens type (wide angle or tele zoom): Wide
  • Zoom: 15x optical / 4x digital
  • High Speed Autofocus + Manual focus
  • Manual iris
  • Shadow free illumination / Illumination of hollow objects
  • User programmable presets: 3
  • Special working surface for transparencies: Optional
  • Dry-erase working surface: Optional
  • WolfVision image processing engine YSOP1
  • Digital image output: HDMI
  • Ethernet (LAN) port
  • Unicast/Multicast streaming
  • Remote Control (with laserpointer): Infrared



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