Spaceti Occupancy Analytics & Hot-Desking

Occupancy Analytics & Hot-Desking from Spaceti is a solution that helps you to intelligently optimize your rooms and thus be more effective and save costs.

With Occupancy Analytics & Hot-Desking you can analyze and evaluate anonymous occupancy data in the entire building, on individual floors, in individual rooms or even from individual chairs. Reports, diagrams or heat maps over various time periods are made available to you for this purpose. The technology behind this is known as Smart Stones. You integrate these into your BMS systems and then everything happens all by itself.

The mobile app also allows you to view free rooms or chairs and reserve them for you or your team if necessary. Navigation to the rooms will then also take place directly via the app.

Anhand the analysis data it is possible for you to use only the space you really need. You save time for cleaning and costs for power supply.

Furthermore, by using Occupany Analytics & Hot-Desking you improve employee retention, collaboration and productivity by adapting the workplace to the needs of employees. They offer you ideal conditions for work.

Spaceti Occupancy Analytics & Hot-Desking