Spaceti App for People & Property

App for People and Property by Spaceti is an app that helps you strengthen your employees' sense of community while improving their performance.

Benefits for tenants:

You can use the app to organize events in the building or to inform employees about other events in the region. You can also use the app to advertise sports, cultural or other events in and around the building. If you are looking for nearby shops, restaurants or travel opportunities, you can view them in the app. You can also easily book a meeting room on the move and order the equipment for the meeting at the same time.

Benefits for building owners:

With the app you can manage the access to your building and inform your employees as soon as unexpected events (power failures, water problems, etc.) occur. In addition, your entire building management is available for mobile use.

Benefits for Facility Managers:

Inform your colleagues about events or defects in the building and send them corresponding notifications. In addition, you can delegate the problems directly to the responsible persons and analyze them afterwards. You can also use the app to conduct surveys to measure satisfaction with the conditions in the building.

Spaceti App for People & Property