SMART Podium 500er Series Interactive Pen Displays

The SMART Podium 500 series interactive pen displays (18.5” and 24”) deliver outstanding performance. A widescreen resolution of 16:9 and flexible scaling options allow you to display and edit high definition images (720p and 1080p). Control your computer and write accurately with the attached pen and digital ink.

The SMART Podium 500 series interactive pen displays are equipped with DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology and Meeting Pro software. With cameras in the frame to detect pen touches and movements, DViT technology provides an accurate and highly reactive writing experience. The Meeting Pro software allows you to implement plugins directly in the document. The software converts your handwriting into computerised text using handwriting recognition.

Integration into Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter View allows you to keep a private view of your presentation materials, including all slides and speaker notes, while you control what your viewers can see on the screen or interactive whiteboard or flat panel.

By supplementing SMART Board interactive flat panels with SMART Bridgit conferencing software you can collaborate in real time with multiple participants at other locations and local teams.