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We no longer offer the product SMART LightRaise 60wi Interactive Projector.

SMART LightRaise 60wi Interactive Projector

The SMART LightRaise 60wi interactive projector enables you to add interactivity to almost any surface. This touch and pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw interactive projector enables two students to instantly start collaborating on lesson activities at the same time.

With the SMART LightRaise projector, you can turn almost any surface, including a dry-erase whiteboard, into an interactive collaborative learning space. Get immediate access to the SMART Exchange website, where educators connect with each other and save on lesson preparation time by sharing and downloading classroom-ready learning resources.

The Projector included the SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

Complementary SMART solutions integrate with the LightRaise projector through SMART Notebook software, so you always have the option to extend and enhance your classroom solution in the future.

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SMART Lightraise 60WI Interactive Projector
SMART Lightraise 60WI Pen

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