Shure MXA910

Shure MXA910 is a ceiling microphone array for use in audiovisual work environments, such as boardroom, huddle room and multi-purpose spaces. IntelliMix's revolutionary technology allows the reception and processing of signals from up to eight lobe characteristics, enabling it to cover the ceiling array within a range of nine meters in diameter when mounted at a height of 3 meters. Using the control software, the characteristics can be exactly aligned to each conference participant and can be individually trimmed by configuring the Automix channel. Recorded signals are transmitted to a Dante-enabled device via an Ethernet cable and can be indicated by different preset settings and array configurations in the setup. The digital audio system can be seamlessly paired with third party controllers, such as Crestron and AMX, to provide a high-quality AV conference.

Shure MXA910
Shure MXA910 Szenario
Shure MXA910 Grafic
Shure MXA910 Montage
Shure MXA910 Conference room

Technical details: Shure MXA910

Beam Width

  • Narrow: 35 degrees
  • Medium: 45 degrees
  • Wide: 55 degrees


  • Frequency Response: 180 to 17,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity - at 1kHz: 0.75 dBFS/Pa
  • Maximum SPL - relative to 0 dBFS overload: 93.25 dB SPL
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio - ref. 94 dB SPL at 1 khz: 83 dB - A-weighted
  • Latency - Not including Dante latency: 6ms

Dante Digital Output

  • Cahnnel Count: 9 total channels (8 independent transmit channels, 1 IntelliMix Automatic mixing transmit channel)
  • Sampling Rate: 48 kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24

Built-In Digital Signal Processing

  • Per Channel: Equalizer (4-band Parametric), Mute, Gain (140 dB range)
  • System IntellixMix Automatic mixing, Echo Reduction

Control Application

  • HTML5 Browser-based


  • Cat 5e or higher (shielded cable recommended)


  • Operating range: -6.7°C (20°F) to 40°C (104°F)
  • Storage range: -29°C (-20°f) to 74°C (165°F)


  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), Class 0
  • Consumption, 9W maximum


  • 4,26 kg (9,4 lbs)


  • 603.8 x 603.8 mm (23.77 x 23.77 in.)