Shure MXA310

The Shure MXA 310 is a versatile networked table array microphone that precisely captures the richness of the human voice – and easily adapts to the most various conference situations: the proprietary Steerable Coverage technology allows to deploy up to four discrete simultaneous coverage zones and directional characteristics for each microphone, and thus to conduct formal presentations, intimate discussions, distance learning or collaborative work regardless of the room size or configuration. The MXA 310 can easily be configuered via a browser-based control software, and integrates seamlessly with any third-party preset controllers including Crestron and AMX.

Key Features

  • Table array microphone, using Steerable Coverage technology to capture pristine audio around conferencing tables of different sizes and shapes
  • Configurable coverage areas and directional patterns
  • Fully digital for networked setup, management and control
  • Browser-based user interface for easy configuration and integration

Shure MXA310
Shure MXA310 Mounting
Shure MXA310 Back
Shure MXA310 Conference room
Shure MXA310 Meeting

Technical details: Shure MXA310

Order number
MXA310AL (Aluminium)
MXA310B (Black)
MXA310W (White)



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