This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Philip MI55 Medieneinheit.

Philip MI55 Medieneinheit

In the conference environment a Smartboard needs the right height to write on it in an standing position. The ideal position for presentations and video conferencing is more deeper. In cooperation with the company Smart Technologies, known for flat panels and interactive whiteboards, arise the media cabinet MI55,  enclose with the design, flexibility and functionality.

With Philip's patent design the MI55 allows to bee freely placed in the room - even in front of glass partitions or in the middle of the room. It does not require complex planning of installation. This allows its use as a flexible technology support for various occasions.

  • 1.82 x 1.45 m
  • 20 cm deep and detached
  • 55-inch displays, video conferencing technology and hardware
  • motorized height adjustment up to 25cm
  • Connections for 230 Volt, RJ45, HDMI, Audio
  • standard integrated USB port high-gloss version (optional)
  • Interface behind glass (optional)

Philip MI55 Medieneinheit