Lifesize Phone HD

The Lifesize Phone HD is an elegant command central for audio, web and video conferencing via Lifesize Icon systems paired to Lifesize Cloud: with its 5" capacitive multi-touch display, users can share content, launch calls, join meetings, control cameras, change layouts and do more with ease. Equipped with four orthogonally placed low-noise microphones, automatically steered to the location of the speaker by advanced beam-forming algorithms, it provides a 360-degree voice pickup range of up to 4.5 m (15 ft) – and thus best-in-class audio quality even for large meeting rooms.

Key Features

  • Complete control over all of your conferencing needs
  • Simple to use with responsive, customizable touchscreen interface
  • Orthogonally placed beamforming microphones with voice activity detector, acoustic echo cancellation, 360-degree voice pickup range
  • Integrated speaker system

DEKOM is certified Lifesize Gold Partner